一般社団法人 JAAS日本アンチエイジング外科学会

Japan antiaging surgery for cosmetic surgeron, general physician and dental doctor


Purpose of JAAS’s Establishment

 The Directors  Dr IkedaYoshio, Dr Nakama Ken, Dr Yamamoto Yutaka,Dr Kamakura Tatsuro

 The JAAS’s activity purpose is to complete accurate cosmetic – regenerative medicine and disseminate the best treatment methods by comparing old and new skills and reporting cases continuously and in order. And to archive those, we promote every memember’s having originalities about cosmetic medicine by offering courses provide them with trainings, anatomic exercise and knowledge about cosmetic – plastic surgery with invasiveness.

 No doubt it’s important to bottom up the cosmetic surgery methods, clarify the difficult tasks about number of cases in academic area, and cultivate cosmetic medical specialists.

 Also we believe that we can provide examines with high quality amenity including improving medical service by increasing socially credibility of cosmetic clinics. Through our activities JAAS will make Japanese antiaging surgery and cosmetic regenerative medicine more popular, coorperating with Asian and overseas doctors, and make them a detonator to increase competitiveness of its market.

Our research area

 Our group aims to develop antiaging cosmetic surgery skills which provide examines with higher quality therapeutic effects and weaker side effects by comparing old and new skills and reporting cases continuously and in order.

  More detail about our activity fields and reports, clinical studies, therapy skills….

 We forcus on a internal medical approach not only with surgical approach which is our main approaching style like cosmetic – plastic surgery, anatomical exercises(Cadaver dissection training) with specimen, minimally invasive surgery

– non-incision treatment, medical cares with equipments. We also extend our activities and training into the oral cavity as a cosmetic dental cooperate with cosmetic dentists by discussing the importance of the medicine and dentistry.

 In the internal medical fields, you can learn skills and theories that can be applied in surgical fields like inInfusion, Ozonecleasing, Orthomolecullormedicine (Supplements Treantment), Medical Cosmetic, Medical Beaty Salon Treatment. Besides those, we also aim to spread accurate techniques among medical workers and cosmetic consumers with sharing information with members and trainings of Regenetive Therapies like GF Therapy, Genetic Beuaty Dermatological Regenerative, and Filler Techniques like traditional Filler Technique, Skin fibroblasts, PRP and etc.

Eligible Person

 Full Member A: A medical doctor who is true for above-mentions
 Full Member B: A dental doctor who is true for above-mentions
 Full Member C; A Co-medical workers who related in fields mentioned above, like nurse, dental hygienist, medical esthetician etc.
  Support Member: person involved corporations


Japanese AntiAging Surgery and Regenerative Medicine for Rejuvenation

Board Members


 M.D. Ikeda Yoshio as the director of H.C. Houjukai Ginza Ikeda Clinic
 M.D. Nakama Ken as the director of H.C. Sansale Kai Cool Beauty Clinic, Akasaka ACT Clinic
 M.D. Yamamoto Yutaka as the chief director of H.C. Houkikai Yamamoto Clinic
 M.D. Kamakura Tatsuro as the chief director of Seishin Biyou Clinic

Special Consultant

 M.D. Hirohiko Kakizaki as the proffesor of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive surgery department Aichi Medical College
 M.D. Choi Woon Chul as the chief director of Myoung plastic surgery Clinic

Director Of Secretariat

 Okano Hideo as R.D. of Journal Of Health And Medicine


 M.D. Hirahata Tetsuyuki as the chief director of UDX Hirahata Clinic
 M.D. Morikawa Kazuhiko from Ginza Ikeda Clinic
 M.D. Sakai Takahiro as the chief director of Roppongi Sakai Clinic
 M.D. Tanaka Akiko as the director of Akiko Clinic
 M.D. Fujimoto Yukihiro the chief director

 Corporation lawyer

 Iio Masahiko from Audit Corporation Asahi Zeirishi Houjin

The number of members

 Member A  329
 Member B   61
 Member C   44
 As of NOV.2016.


By complementing each other, JAAS and JAAS Academy activate

 Aiming at the develop of cosmetic and plastic surgery, since the establishment in 2010 spring JAAS Japan Anti-aging Surgery Academy has been managing more than 30 Live Semminar a year, overseas training, anatomy and operation training and Tokyo Live Forums as a annual meeting.

 In the 7th year’s spring the name has changed into “Japan antiaging surgery for cosmetic, general Physician and dental doctor” and it marks the 8th year anniversary this year. We keep studying practical cosmetic and plastic surgery which is the JAAS’s catchward, Regenerative medicine, Antiaging surgery, Internal and dental therapies, and Critical estetic methods and also keep trying to develop these archivements. We, as an academy, will continue to promote many doctors’ and antiaging reseachers’ activities for developing their teqniques, regardless which university they come from or to which academic groups they belong.

 On the other hand, There’s often chances to be required a similarity to other academic organizations. Although our academic knowledge and insight or scale and history are still far from other pioneers, JAAS is regarded as “The third power of cosmetic medicine” recently. It’s a proof of our effort and such a great honor.

 Based on that, we decided to divide the management at the board of the directors with separating its academy as a transparent and fair group and its education department which provides the members individual training or studies mehotds.

 In JAAS, we will hold Live Forums and genelize cosmetic medicine and antiaging to members, medical groups, companies and promote interaction among the members and academic exchange with domestic or foreign related academies. And we locate all of them as our place of activities.

 On the other hand, independent from JAAS, JAAS academy activates as a education department which provides members conventionally individual training and chances to study and develop methods. These are independent business as the world first cosmetic medicine and antiaging training group organized by private enterprises like JASCAM, which is the main company. But JAAS and JAAS academy is cooperating each other and this cooperation never allow to interfere getting credits when it comes to certified medical system.


 JAAS Academy

JAAS Academy was launched as an educational-qualification school designated by JAAS. And the academy has continuously a roll as qualification courses necessary for certificating as a JAAS certified doctor or estetisian etc.

 Our purpose of activities is to provide us members as “general preparatory school” which aims to developing the technique of cosmetic surgery, regenerative dermatologic medicine, cosmetic antiaging and medical beauty salon. In short, It is a doctors’scholl.

 Doctor Yamamoto is inaugurated as the president of this academy, who has been appealing to the needs of “doctors school where people can learn mainly cosmetic medicine”. He also doubts “IKYOKU” which forms the basis of Japanese medical education system works well and point out that to master medical skill costs too much. And what’s more, there’s little chance to learn specific technique about cosmetic medicine and knowledge because there’s no cosmetic medicine courses in a general medical curriculum.

 That is why Dr.Yamamoto’s Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Workshops, where he performed and provided his method at the former JAAS Live Forum, is worthfull and counting increasing number of participants.

 At opening up the academy, we offer from elementary to advanced level trainings and introduction courses which provides knowlidges and techniques for  ntiaging regenerative medicine at first. And in addition, we also offer dental antiaging skill up courses, practical exercise and medical aethte and beaty salons as a part of carriculums.

 Mainly former –Yamamoto Plastic Surgery Workshop and Public Live, -Yamamoto Plastic Surgery Workshop: One To One Workshop, -Dr.Nakama’s Cosmetic Antiaging Regenerative Workshops etc. will continuously be held with placing professional lecturers and part-time lecturer and overses advisors supported by the president and vise president.

And we will also offer carriculum called “Cosmetic Antiaging Medical Business Administration Academy”, in which members can learn Medical Business Administration.

 To accept many participants with various backgrounds for learning Cosmetic Medicine mastering its techniques, we hold “The Cosmetic Antiaging Medicine Live Forum” twice a year and prompt insurance doctors and medical interns to participate.


JAAS Japan Antiaging Surgery-Cosmetic Regenerative Study Group

 Without setting the criteria that emphasizes the expertise in cosmetic medicine, JAAS Academy can activate as a study group with no border between beginners and experts. The group also accepts co-medical workers and beauticians as members, expanding the door to other department doctors and dentists.

 Live Forums, Medical – Dental Anatomic Surgery Training, dispatch trainings, cosmetic medicine introduction courses for those who to take classes to quarify as a certified physician or aethtetisian are continuously opened. These courses are organized by JAAS Academy that is a JAAS designated educational organization.

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